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Buck Pellegrin – Pride, LA

groupFinally an outfit that goes the extra mile to give a hunter his moneys worth. These guys by far are the best guides I’ve ever spent money with, and I’ve spent a lot in Louisiana. These guys are putting out decoy spreads before you even get up out of bed and if you close your eyes while in that field hunting, with the multiple experienced callers they have, you think you are sitting in the middle of a feild full of geese.This is what you call a in your face hunt. THEY ARE THAT DARN GOOD!! Every thing and every body involved with this hunt was outstanding, from the food to the hunt, it all was class A. In fact I enjoyed it so much that I booked again to hunt in 2 weeks. Spend your money here, you won’t be disappointed.

Chapman “Bumper” Burguieres – Houma, LA

white-headI have been hunting with various goose guides in the general area over the years and never had a lot of luck. It takes a lot of hard work and skill to bring in geese, your typical guide won’t put in the work necessary to trick the geese. These guys get up early and set out huge spreads of decoys and rags. They also have numerous guides calling the geese at the same time. Without the combination of huge spreads and skilled callers, it is very difficult to trick geese into coming into shooting distance. I was personally impressed and we were able to take our limits two days in a row. Watching the geese come in and check out the spreads, and then come in for a good shot is very exciting and we were able to experience this over and over on both of our hunts. I can promise you that these guys will put out 110% effort in order to score a successful hunt.