Neal Faciane – Slidell, LA

I believe that I could say it best by simply saying: “It was the type of hunt that made the memories of a lifetime”. I was joined in the hunt with my oldest son and my three grandsons. Even though, we had worked ourselves up with high expectations talking about the upcoming hunt on the ride down to Kaplan, we were pleasantly surprised not only with the professional and caring guides, but also by the vast numbers of geese that we witnessed on our two day hunt in December of 2009. Clint and his guides were masters at working the geese from high in the sky down to within shooting range. I was so amazed by the number of geese in a “tornado” that Clint called in on day two that I started giggling like a little kid. The excitement was just indescribable!

In two days we shot 17 speckle bellies and 4 Snows. But, the highlight for the two day trip was the last bird of the hunt which was shot out of the air by my nine year old grandson with a 20 gauge shotgun. Clint called that single “speckle belly” down but as I threw up to shoot he said, “Wait… let it come closer” and I am so glad that he did! He slowly called that single down within reach of my grandson’s twenty gauge. As soon as he (Joseph) shot the speck, it fell out of the air and immediately every one of us including all of the guides jumped up from a lying down position and yelled “that was so awesome”! Clint then marked Joseph’s face with goose blood to mark his transition into a “master goose hunter”.
I hope these words relate to whoever reads this just how much of a great time that we had with Clint and his team at Goose Guides. We will be back, but we will never forget the memories of a lifetime that we had on that two day hunt!

Thanks Clint!